Vettel angry at Ricciardo for racing

May 2016

Once again Sebastian Vettel was venting his anger over the team radio because a Red Bull overtook him on the track. After accusing some Russian guy of dangerous driving because he overtook him down the inside at the start of the Chinese Grand Prix, he once again got on the radio to complain that former team mate Daniel Ricciardo tried to overtake him towards the end of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Because his Red Bull influence saw the execution of the Russian trouble maker last week after he attempted to insert his car into Vettel’s anus at Sochi, the German is hoping his former team will carry out a similar punishment on the Australian before the Monaco Grand Prix. In a recent interview in which he grinned for the duration to make his words seem less offensive, Vettel was quoted as saying:

“It was just totally f**king unacceptable. I mean there I was driving my f**king Ferrari and I’m getting overtaken by f**king Red Bulls. I mean how the f**k is this happening? I left Red Bull because they were f**king s**t and now I’m being f**king overtaken by them? What the actual f**k? I’m a four time world champion for f**k sake and Ricciardo has only won three f**king races. I mean what are we f**king doing here? This is Formula f**king One, not a place for overtaking. If that f**king f**k Ricciardo wants to try f**king overtaking then he should play f**king Ping Pong.”

Daniel Ricciardo was rumoured to be less than impressed by his former team mate’s remarks and subtly suggested he should stop being such a crybaby and grow a pair of testicles.