Mercedes considering therapy for Rosberg

July 2016

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has admitted the Mercedes team are looking into the possibility of sending Nico Rosberg to see a psychiatrist after the German driver once again had a mental breakdown when his team mate got to within a few feet of his car. He also suffered mild delusions and claimed an imaginary car drove him off the track which prevented him from turning right.

Rosberg’s inability to turn right properly started during qualifying for the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix and, since then, he has failed to turn right on several occasions when Hamilton has been alongside him. When asked what he thought of the incident in Austria, Rosberg was convinced Hamilton, all the race stewards, the whole Mercedes team and every spectator who watched the race, was wrong in their conclusion that he failed to turn right.

“I took my normal line and then Lewis just appeared from nowhere and drove me straight off the track. It doesn’t matter that he was on the outside and I didn’t turn right, colliding with him. It was completely his fault for being there and he drove me straight off the track even though the camera angle makes it look like I drove him off the track. I didn’t drive him off the track and if I did it was because of something to do with the car, not me. But I definitely didn’t take a different line even though I nearly pushed him into the neighbouring country so it’s definitely his fault. Wibble.”

His comments and the subsequent team de-brief in which he turned up wearing his clothes inside out and a pair of pants on his head, has raised concerns within the team that he may not be mentally stable enough to see out the season without professional help.

Lewis Hamilton put on his best nonchalant face after the incident and simply pointed out that Rosberg is so obsessed with crashing, he even enjoys smacking himself in the face with his own earpiece after races. He then said he was going to write a rap about his tumultuous relationship with his team mate.