Hamilton's hair implants key to success

May 2017

Lewis Hamilton is hoping his new streamlined hair implants will help him win this year’s championship. The three-time world champion is going head to head with Vettel this year in what is so far a close battle between Mercedes and Ferrari.

The pressure of fighting at the front for the last decade has taken its toll on the British driver, contributing to him going prematurely bald. However, at the start of this season he miraculously sprouted a mop on top of his head, leaving many people questioning the benefit of the added weight of a full head of hair.

In an interview with Ghetto Weekly Magazine, he said his new hair implants are designed to help with aerodynamics and not just for poncing around with on the podium while the national anthem is playing.

“Yeah man, it’s like for frickin’ speed purposes you know and it’s like well cool because like it makes my car go faster. Plus the chicks dig it. I mean the team did a fantastic job and I want to give a big shout out to my crew for giving me my ‘fro back.”